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Believe it or not, Sensei is always watching you, seeing how much effort you put in, how well you’ve learned your kata, and overall how hard you’ve been training in the dojo. After a few months, when Sensei feels you are ready, he may give you a grading form that allows you to test for the next kyu (belt) level.

It’s important to know that the goal of karate is not to attain the highest belt level, but to seek perfection of character and improve yourself. However, some students use belts to measure their progress, and the belt system allows students of similar skill level and experience to be grouped to together for training and competition purposes. Every person is unique and therefore learns at a different pace. Don’t compare yourself to others, but focus on your own development.

Gradings and Seminars generally happen twice a year in our dojo, when Sensei Yaguchi comes to visit (usually in April and November).

Below is the belt ranking system used in the ISKF:



White to Yellow Belt

Yellow to Orange Belt

Orange to Green Belt


Green to Purple Belt

Purple to Purple Belt

Purple to Brown Belt


Brown to Brown Belt




Brown to Black Belt

8 thoughts on “Grading

  1. the condition of a person is revealed by their dreams….it would be good to make companoions of our dreams and to put forth effort………..oss!!

  2. april 21 13….I was not surprised to see that our dojo was the more powerfull in all aspects of this grading… is a testament to our faithfull sensei and the want of our dojo to surpass all expectations……one more accomplishment done and gone……….next!!

  3. today with sensei yaguchi….i thought and was quite surprised that our young colored belts did quite well.mayhaps the pressure for some of them brought out another side for showmanship. as with the leduc tourney i found some of them could not get the kata right..i am very happy and greatly surprised they performed as they should have……….says much for our dilligent sensei ………many thanks for your efforts and energies…….js

    • Another great day of training with Sensei Yaguchi! There’s been a whole lot of progress, and today the hard work paid off. As our friends from Kokoro ISKF said: This only heightens the anticipation of meeting each other again at Provincials!

  4. Agreed! And Sensei does a great job of making us more than reading for grading day. Even in the last tournament, many students were more than ready for the competition in their division.

  5. i have always felt that u ..a person training regulary should always strive for a higher level of performance than required for the next level…always be trained for a higher level than rquired.perform to un expected levels of endurance required for survival method…always be of higher instinctual attitudes required…………..

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