About Sensei Sean Carter


 Godan  – 5th Degree Black Belt               

(Hear what Sensei Says)

Sean Carter has been studying and competing in Karate for over 25 years. He is a fifth degree Black Belt (Godan) in Shotokan Karate.

His competitive accomplishments include Western Canadian Champion for seven years; three appearances at the Pan American Games, including a gold medal in 1999; placing in the medals for thirteen years out of seventeen in the Nationals; gold medalist in the World Police & Fire Games & Law Enforcement Games; went to Japan and competed in the World Championships (Shoto-Cup); and medalist at many N.K.A and international regional events.

He is a Training Manager at the Alberta Solicitor General Staff College where he teaches self defense and tactical training for law enforcement officers.

Sean’s is the founder and chief instructor for Edmonton ISKF, where he He teaches Karate to adults and children of all ages both. He is proud of the club’s affiliation with the ISKF and is active in working with instructors around the world to preserve and advance traditional Shotokan Karate .
Contact: smcarter@shaw.ca

10 thoughts on “About Sensei Sean Carter

  1. I miss the training at the camps with Sensei Okazaki, Yaguchi, Dingman, Philips. and Nakayama, met many friends and learned a lot. Hope to see ya in the dojo. Ous!! RIP Sensei J. Bear

  2. iwas very pleased to train with mustaphe, i enjoyed the difference of technique but the same principal,, this is the joy of karate….slight twist but same flavor..will open edmonton dojo ant time for new and wondering karateka……my utmost humble pleasure sensei…oss!!!..i hope to see u at world tournaments some place in the universe someday…..

  3. I have been very happy to find so much kind people in Edmonton through the karate.
    I learnt about karate and friends of the dojo.
    This experience is extraordinary and should be shared with everybody.
    I enjoyed training with the team. Sensei Sean is in the right way of budo (you are lucky to have him)
    You are, of course, welcome to France.
    Here is my mail address mustapha.khezami.
    I wish you a Merry Christmas and happy new year .
    See you again if God permitted .

    Mustapha KHEZAMI

  4. Thank you very much. You are ery welcome to my dojo in north of France. I would be happy to invite you . We have so many sensei of high level ( french or Japanese). When i will go back at home , I will tell them about my pleasant experience in Edmonton in karate and friendship. I hope i will come back in summer . We keep contact. Ossu
    Mustapha KHEZAMI

    • Sensei Khezami:

      Thank you so much for sharing you karate with us we will miss you but look forward to be seeing you again soon! I think there will be a few of us wanting to plan a trip to your dojo! Merry Christmas and safe travels back to France!

  5. I am very ad and happy to have discovered the shotokan karate in Edmonton. I am from France, i always enjoyed karaté. I am lucky to practice an occupation as a doctor specialized in the medicine of sports. Je remercie sensei Carte rpour son accueil et son partage sans hesitation au moment où j ai franchi les portes de son dojo. Pourquoi ne pas envisageechangevotre entre mon club et le votre.
    Why not to program an exchange
    With oour dojo in the north of France. Osu . Mustapha

    • Sensei Khezami thank you for sharing your teachings with us. It is a real honour to be training with you and have you teach us! I would love to some day train in France at your dojo! I hope that when you come for a visit to Canada you will always come and train with us! Osu!

  6. Sensei Carter
    I sent an email to you on a diferent screen, but am unsure if you received it
    Thank you for coming to Red Deer last night and giving us a seminar on self defence.
    It was excellent. They say you cant teach an old dog new tricks, but you did. I am 76 years old and really enjoyed your seminar.
    You made it interesting and very informative.
    Again, Thank you for taking the time to visit our Dojo asnd giving us a seminar
    Keith Metcalfe

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