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April 2016 Grading Seminar & Belts

Grading Photos

Belt Ceremony

2016 Provincials

Medals: ISKF Edmonton earned over 30 medals this tournament!

  • 16 Gold
  • 8 Silver
  • 11 Bronze

2015 Christmas Party

Grading with Sensei Yaguchi

2015 ISKF Kids Tournament

Despite a smaller turn-out this year,  we still had a very successful tournament!

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2015 ISKF Provincials

Huge Success!! Edmonton ISKF successfully hosted, planned, and executed the 2015 provincials. It was a stellar event. Officials and delegates were paraded in with a bag-piper. Lunch time entertainment was provided by the McNally Dragon Dancers. Lots of fundraising with the 50/50, silent auction and concession stands. And of course, a dynamite showing of all our athletes. Competition was very close this year, and we want to make special mention of our athletes who nearly achieved best competitiors:


In Running for best Female Competitor:

  • Piper C.
  • Mackenzie C.

In Running for best Male Competitor:

  • J.C. G.
  • Vishnu P.

Edmonton ISKF swept 5 whole divisions!

  • 12-14 boys brown belt kata and kumite
  • Men’s brown belt kata and kumite
  • Girls black belt kumite

Medals: ISKF Edmonton earned over 45 medals this tournament!

  • 22 Gold
  • 10 Silver
  • 15 Bronze

View Tournament Results HERE

See sample photos HERE (Professional photos taken by Trulives Photography)

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2014 Winter Party at the New Dojo

We finally did it! On December 1st, the dojo relocated to the Lion’s Recreation Centre. It is a beautiful venue, including a massive studio with lots of training room. Before the winter break we celebrated our move, and the upcoming holiday season with training, competition and food!


  • Congratulations to Colin and Max for achieving Shodan!
  • Congratulations to Catherine and Andrea for achieving Sandan!
  • 2014 Dojo Kun Student Awards: Sam and Piper
  • Sensei had everyone outfitted with a “Respect Your Universe” bag for all our karate gear

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2014 Grading Seminar with Sensei Jones

A big thank you to all the karate-ka who came out to train with Sensei Jones, and congratulations to those who even took a test

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2014 ISKF Kids Tournament

Another hugely successful tournament in Red Deer for all our kids! Thank you everyone for all your help and support – this was a great payoff.


  • Junior Grand Champion: Mara
  • Senior Grand Champion: Mackenzie
  • 18 x 1st Place, 17 x 2nd Place, 9 x 3rd Place

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2014 Pan American Games

Canada made a strong showing in Mexico for the ISKF Pan American Tournament, on the beautiful Nuevo Vallarta resort.


  • Canada named best Tournament country
  • Canada brought home: 15 Gold, 10 Silver9 Bronze
  • Edmonton brought home: 5 Gold, 6 Silver, 3 Bronze

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Full Tournament Results

Dan Examination Results

2014 ISKF Canada Nationals

ISKF hosted another phenomenal event, and competitors gathered from all over Canada (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick). Hi level of skill and competitive spirit was shown, making for an intense tournament experience. It was also the first time that the Intermediate Belt Tournament was included, and was a large success!


  • Congratulations to Sophanny, Hector, Alexandra and Piper on achieving Shodan!
  • Congratulations to Mackenzie for achieving Nidan!
  • Intense Team Kata and Team Kumite finals between Alberta, British Columbia, Quebec and Nova Scotia.
  • Medals: ISKF Edmonton earned over 20 medals in this nationals:
    • 11 Gold
    • 5 Silver
    • 5 Bronze

Full Tournament RESULTS

Examination Results

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2014 ISKF Provincials

March 22 kicked off the first ISKF tournament with the new rules. For the first time, orange, green and purple belts were combined in one division, in preparation for the new intermediate division for nationals. As usual, it was a great day for ISKF Edmonton athletes. Stay tuned for a summary of the day’s highlights

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2014 Sensei Jones’ St. Albert Seminar

Over 60 students attended the seminar held by Sensei Jones on Feb 16. Thank you St. Albert Karate for hosting the event! We worked on proper body alignment during oi-tsuki, improved hip rotation, and faster footwork for transitioning between stances. Fudo-dachi drills, combinations and kata finished off the day (Jion, Tekki Sandan, Meikyo and Sochin)

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2014 KAA Recreational Tournament

The first day of the 2 day-tournament was stiff competition! Thank you to all our athletes who went to represent ISKF Edmonton in Calgary. Part 2 to come soon.

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Christmas Party 2013

We had an awesome pool party at the Hardisty Leisure Centre! And of course, spoiled our Sensei for all the wonderful things he’s taught and shown us over the year.

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2013 Leduc KAA Tournament

It was a heated, but enjoyable day at the Karate Alberta Tournament!

Medals:   12 Gold,  10 Silver,  1 Bronze

Tournament Results

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Penhold Kids Tournament ’13

AMAZING! The tournament was “one of the best so far” as stated by ISKF Red Deer. It was a great day in Penhold, and the kids from all over Alberta competed fiercely in a heated tournament! Some of the highlights:

ISKF Edmonton is home to All 3 Grand Champs this year!

  • White to Orange Belts: Mara
  • Green-Purple: Khaldoon
  • Brown-Black: J.C.

Our Kata Teams performed magnificently!

  • 1st and 2nd Place in Beginners Category
  • 1st  Place in Intermediate Category
  • 1st and 2nd Place in Advanced Category

Medals:   19 Gold,  9 Silver,  6 Bronze


Special Annual Training 2013

Once again we headed out to Floating Stone Lake – this time for more than just an afteroon! It was great weather, and even better people, as we trained (and had fun) on the shores of the lake.


  • Kicking drills – lots of sand in the face!
  • Empi, and then Unsu in the sand! What a crazy idea!
  • Water balloon races, carrying races and sand-bucket kicking races
  • Water sports and Lots of food!

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ISKF 2013 Provincials

The favourite, and long awaited ISKF provincial tournament arrived in Calgary. Karate-ka from many dojos in Alberta gathered in high spirits to test their skills and push themselves in competition. Though the competition seemed even stiffer this year, many students grew, leaving with great experiences and new friends. And of course, ISKF Edmonton made a handsome showing!


  • Over 20 athletes went all the way to Calgary to compete for our dojo
  • Congratulations Quinn! Best junior female competitor
  • Congratulations Khaldoon! Best junior male competitor
  • Congratulations Jim! Best adult male competitor
  • Medals:    16 Gold,  11 Silver,  7 Bronze

See 2013 Tournament Results

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Christmas Celebration ’12


Kristy and Celine for achieving Shodan!

Celine and Thomas on winning Sensei’s Annual Award

Many of our students who successfully graded and changed kyu rank.

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2012 Seminars with Sensei Yaguchi

Another excellent day of training at the Solicitor General Staff College.  Thanks again to Yaguchi Sensei for coming out to share his energy and wisdom with us.  He refined the kata Tekki Shodan with the senior belts, and cycled through the kata Taikyokou Shodan with junior belts. After seminars, many students from Edmonton ISKF graded for their next belt level. Everyone looked fantastic – great job!

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2012 November KAA Tournament

  • Medals:   4 Gold,  2 Silver,  0 Bronze

2012 ISKF World Shoto Cup

November 8-11, 2012 in Cebu Philippines, karate from around the world gathered to participate in the long awaited 2nd World Shoto Cup Karate Championship. 16 countries participated in this great  tournament weekend.

As Featured in ABS-CBNnews:

“MANILA, Philippines — Top karatekas from 15 countries worldwide strut their wares when they plunge into action Saturday in the 2nd International Shotokan Karate Federation (ISKF) World Shoto Cup Karate Championships at the Waterfront Hotel ballroom in Cebu City.

Held every four years and considered the “Olympics of Karate” by its exponents, the blue-ribbon martial arts event will feature competitions in the junior (8 to 17 years old) adult (18-44) and senior (45-above) categories in both men’s and women’s divisions.

He disclosed that no less than Japanese ISKF chairman and co-founder, Master Teruyuki Okazaki, will be one of the honored guests during the two-day event.”


  • Canadian karate-ka brought home a total of 17 medals!
  • Congratulations to our very own:
    • Dawn Rivard – Bronze in Kumite
    • Jim Stanley- Bronze in Kumite

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Red Deer Kids Tournament

We all waited with anticipation for the Red Deer kids tournament. A HUGE congratulations to all the kids who were able to compete and represent Edmonton ISKF that weekend. It was another fantastic performance by our young karate-ka.


  • Edmonton ISKF swept all 6 medals in the Brown/Black Belt Girls
  • Medals:   13 Gold,  14 Silver,  8 Bronze

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Special Training 2012

On the shores of Floating Stone Lake over 20 karateka gathered for a unique training experience.


  • Mawashi geri (flying sand kick) training
  • Kata practice
  • Take down practice
  • Weighted front kick relay competition
  • Fun in the lake and BBQ

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2012 ISKF Canadian Nationals



  • Alberta men’s team kumite (including David)
  • Women’s brown belt kata: Sophanny
  • Women’s brown belt kumite: Sophanny
  • Girl’s kata: Alexandra



  • Men’s brown belt kumite: Jim
  • Women’s senior kumite: Dawn
  • Mixed kumite: Piper
  • Boy’s kumite: Victor
  • Youth mixed team kata: Mackenzie, Carter, Alexandra

Honourable standing:

  • Men’s Black belt kata: Joseph
  • Men’s Black belt kumite: David
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Spirit of the North

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2012 ISKF Provincials

Our dojo had a dynamite day at the provincial tournament in Calgary. The athletes were sporting their new ISKF Edmonton hoodies, and were ready to take the day by storm. Over 20 of our karate-ka competed in this very memorable day . . .


  • Dennis and Walid clashed for Gold in  junior men’s kumite
  • Hector and Colin free-sparred in boys kumite
  • Quinn takes her entire division by surprise
  • Joseph and David face off in men’s black belt kata
  • Edmonton ISKF sweeps the brown belt team kata division
  • Piper wins Best Junior Female Contestant
  • Medals:  16 Gold9 Silver, 10 Bronze

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2012 KAA Provincials

Karate Alberta tournaments are quite different from our own ISKF tournaments, bringing together students from all ranks AND styles, to compete in kata and free sparring. Our 11 athletes who attended brought their best game to this stiff competition. With flying kicks and punches, advanced kata and team efforts, our dojo was represented well. Congratulations athletes!


  • Medals:   3 Gold4 Silver4 Bronze5 Copper

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2011 Christmas Party

It was a great day at the college on December 17. Over 50 students came out to train and celebrate their achievements for the year. We started with an hour and a half of training, learning basic jiu-jitsu techniques including the full mount and guard. This was followed by the belt ceremony and Sensei’s Annual award. And of course, food afterwards!


  • Special lesson on jiu-jitsu: some basics of ground fighting
  • Winners of Sensei’s Annual Award of Distinction: Christy and Simeron
  • Mackenzie was presented with her Shodan (1st degree black belt)
  • Sensei brought in caricature artists to sketch students’ (and parents’) portraits

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2011 Seminar with Sensei Yaguchi

We were fortunate to once again train with the dedicated and energetic Sensei Yaguchi. This year marks his 79th Birthday! Thanks to all who came out – almost 80 karate-ka came together to train. Many students in our dojo tested and performed very well. Congratulations!

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2011 Red Deer Kids Tournament

It was a great day for our dojo on October 22. Everyone worked hard, had fun and even brought home medals!


  • Jaedon Vu-Pham is our new JUNIOR GRAND CHAMP
  • Alexandra, Mackenzie & Celine win SENIOR TEAM KATA CHAMPIONS
  • Medals:   14 Gold7 Silver3 Bronze

See Complete Kids Tournament Results

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2011 ISKF Provincials

On March 19, most of our karate-ka took a trip down to Penhold, where over 200 athletes were competing in the Alberta Provincials tournament. Both children and adults battled it out in Kumite, Kata and Team events. We also got to see and cheer on many of our friends from neighbouring dojos.


  • Our dojo dominated the purple/brown belt division for team kata
  • Congratulations everyone! We brought home around 25 medals for the day!

Check out the AB-Provincial-COMPETITION RESULTS – 2011

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Found on YouTube
(great karate videos)

The 5 Heian Kata: a modern demonstration of the 5 Heian Kata, including alternate angles and ‘by-count’ breakdowns of each kata. An excellent learning tool, and truly a pleasure to watch!