What is YOUR Goal?

We are well into the New Year – what is your plan for progression in Karate this year?
This year, Sensei is emphasizing the importance of having a plan in place, so you can measure your progress and he can assist you to achieve your goals.

Do you want to test for the next belt?
Are you working to be more fit?
Do you need to improve your free sparring?

Unless you have a clear goal that’s written down, all you have is a wish, which may not take you anywhere. Take time to set a goal for yourself. Use the SMART criteria, to maximize the effectiveness of your goal:

SPECIFIC: Don’t be general. Exactly WHAT is it you want to accomplish?
MEASURABLE: Identify something that can be measured, so you can track progress.
ACHIEVABLE: Is it possible? Have others done it? Do you need to grow to make it possible?
REALISTIC: Something you are ready and able to work towards. Sometimes you need to break a much larger goal into smaller pieces.
TIME-BASED: Give yourself a time-line. You will work with a sense of urgency with a deadline.

What is YOUR goal? Think about it. Then WRITE IT DOWN! Put it under your pillow, hang it in your bathroom, or make it the home screen on your phone. Look at it often. You can also ask Sensei for advice or assistance. Then work towards your goal over the next few months – you may be shocked at your progress. OSU!


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