Sensei Yaguchi Visits Edmonton



Once again, Edmonton ISKF is so fortunate to have our Shotokan Legend Sensei Yaguchi coming to Edmonton on Nov. 22. He will be leading seminars for all ages and belts, and also conducting tests for next belt levels.

We are truly privileged to have this opportunity one more time – all students should make it a priority to attend and train with one of our style’s icons. Learn new things, train with spirit, get your belt signed and enjoy the Shotokan family… OSU!

Download the days’ Schedule



One thought on “Sensei Yaguchi Visits Edmonton

  1. i was very happy to learn of yaguchi’s visit again…as i may be his last..each and every time may be the last..he turned 83 this year..also happy to have made the nidan grade, along with other dojo mate j.c… hearty congrats to him…it seemed to be a harder grading than i thought..but sensei jones did give us the break in basic drills to show us what he was looking for… thought is jc got a better break than i for kumite match…but then again if there is no significant challenge…what good is it…….thanks to sensei sean carter and the pregrading drills through out the previous weeks to prep…..without him we would not have the strong dojo that threatens alberta for top dog……ossu !!!

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