Women’s Self Defense Classes

All ladies are now able to register for the promised self defense classes just for women!

Northgate Lions Senior Recreation Centre

Tuesdays 6pm-7pm

October 6 – Nov 26

Fee: $94 total (unless you are a member of the North Edmonton Senior’s Association)

Download the FLYER

This is a series of 8 sessions for women only, teaching them:

  • how the body reacts under stress
  • safely navigating your environment (parking lot, school, home)
  • realistic, easy to remember tactics
  • when and how to hit an attacker

The classes are taught by Sensei Sean Carterare and are available to ladies of all ages.

Register in person, or by phone:

Northgate Lions Senior Recreation Centre

7524 – 139 Avenue

Edmonton, AB   T5C 3H7




One thought on “Women’s Self Defense Classes

  1. Ladies Self Defense Training will provide you with easy to remember techniques that will help you to defend yourself should you ever need to. Sean Carter is a stellar instructor who gives students many opportunities to practice the techniques he teaches. You will learn a lot and the training will have a positive impact on your life. I Highly recommend this training course to women of all ages, strength and confidence levels.

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