October: Heian Shodan

Translation:  “Peaceful  Mind One”

# Moves:           21

Belt Level:        

View the Kata Chart HERE



This is the first kata the karate-ka (student) must learn. It is the basis for all katas you will learn afterwards. The student moves through a series of blocks and punches, incorporating both front stance and back stance. It teaches turning, hip rotation and the use of a kiai. Some of the key moves:

Gedan-barei                (down block)

Oi-tsuki                        (step-in punch)

Age-uke                       (rising block)

Shuto-uke                   (knife-hand block)

Zenkutsu-dachi        (front stance)

Kokutsu-dachi          (back stance)

Additional Info

Sensei stresses that if you don’t learn your kata, you will NOT grade. Practice it at home so you can remember the turns and moves. Even if you are already past white belt, it is very important that you don’t forget Heian Shodan. Practice, practice!

Higher belts, try the Heian Shodan Reverse variation of the kata. This is a mirror image of the entire kata (for example, starting with down block on your right instead of your left!)



2 thoughts on “October: Heian Shodan

  1. For sure, Heian Shodan Reverse is a lot harder! Dawn-Sempai also suggested a “right foot planted” variation, where you do the entire kata without ever moving your right foot! Crazy

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