September: Gojushiho Dai


Translation: 54 steps (Large)

# Moves: 62

Belt Level:  black


Gojushiho Sho and Gojushiho Dai are two of the most advanced kata in the Shotokan Syllabus. Gojushiho Sho has a dominance of kokutsu-dachi, kiba-dachi and zenkutsu-dachi. Gojushiho Dai however places a great deal of emphasis on neko-ashi-dachi. The general ‘feel’ of this kata is far snappier and lighter. Striking with the fingers is the norm for Gojushiho Dai so one must have an understanding of an opponent’s vital areas.

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Some of the Key Moves

Neko-ashi dachi (cat stance)

kitsutsuki-no-kamae (wood-pecker posture)

otoshi-ippon-nukite (dropping 1-finger spear hand)


Coming Soon

Additional Info

Since it is entirely possible that the Gojushiho kata originated from China, perhaps one may be able to see the movements of the snake (one of the five animals of Shaolin kung fu) in this kata. The keito and nukite techniques can easily be compared to the snake techniques of kung fu; and the zigzag pattern at the beginning of the kata…


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