August: Tekki Nidan


Translation:  “Iron Horse (Level II)”

# Moves:  24

Belt Level:  black


This kata is the intermediate of the Tekki Series, and like the others, it places much emphasis on rooting, power and stability. It is very similar to Tekki Shodan in many ways, but also incorporates a new style with many new techniques. The objective in this kata is to develop grabbing, throwing, and locking applications while maintaining a strong kiba-dachi. It makes a vital training companion with Tekki Shodan for new black belts.

Read more at Cote Saint Luc’s Site

Some of the key moves are:

Kiba-dachi  (horse stance)

Ryo-zenwan-suihei-kamae (horizontal forearm position)

Zenwan-sokumen-uke  (forearm block (to the side) )

Mae-empi-uchi (front elbow strike)

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