June: Sochin


Translation:  “Grand Suppression” or “Energetic Calm”

# Moves:           41

Belt Level:       black



 Sochin is a very bold, dynamic kata, characterized by a commanding physical presence as well as physical and spiritual strength. The characteristic stance is Fudo dachi, which can also be taken to mean the”immovable stance,” though the stance used in the kata is a slight variation, shifting slightly more weight forward.  Sochin is less flashy than katas such as Kanku Sho or Unsu, but still one of the most popular among Shotokan tournament competitors. The kata’s slow, powerful rhythm and techniques that must be executed with unwavering confidence and proper muscle control makes it a dynamic kata to watch. “The student must project an imposing presence, instilling awe and trepidation in the enemy, allowing the karateka to utterly overwhelm the opponent with superior technique and an indomitable spirit.”

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Some of the key moves are:

  • Fudo-dachi – immovable stance
  • Muso-kamae –  incomparable posture
  • Manji uke –  swirling block
  • Tate-shuto uke –  vertical knife hand block
  • Yoko nukite –  (sideways) spear hand strike
  • Uraken uchi/naiwan hineri –  (vertical) backfist/inner arm twisting block

Additional Info


  • There are many translations of this kata. Sometimes “Preserve the Peace,” or even “Peacekeeper,” are also sometimes used.
  • Fudo-dachi is probably the most stable of stances and is very tough on the thigh muscles.  As such, Sochin is often practiced to train the legs.
  • It is rumoured that Gichin Funakoshi tried to change the kata’s name from Sochin to Hakko (Eight Storms).




2 thoughts on “June: Sochin

  1. im thinking ..yes one of favs..his body is suited best for this kata..good for the shorter stockier man..also looks powerful

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