Black Belt (Shodan) Test

Some people believe that achieving their Black Belt is the crown achievement of karate. This is NOT true – it is only the beginning! There are many levels  of black belt (Shodan, Nidan, Sandan, etc) you can achieve as you continue growing, learning and training.


The black belt test is  the Brown Belt Test, plus:


Shuto-uke, kizami-mae geri, nukite (in kokutsu dachi)

Kicking mae geri, keage and/or mae geri, kekomi, standing in place, with the same leg



An additional, lower kata of the examiner’s choice (Heian 1 through 5, or Tekki)



Shobu-Ippon Kumite (free sparring)


Watch a sample grading with Sensei Yaguchi and Sensei Jones during a Shodan Grading (@ 29:11)





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