Changes to ISKF 2014 Provincials

Hello everyone!  

Provincials this year will be a bit different that normal, in preparation for this year’s nationals. See the letter below:

TO: All ISKF Alberta Members


As you are all aware, Saturday, March 22nd marks the date for the annual Alberta Provincial Championships. The National Championships in Calgary this year will now include a division for orange to purple belts, and our provincials will therefore have the same grouping. This will allow our junior ranks to prepare for the opportunity of competing on a national stage.

The categories will now be as follows:

White and Yellow Belts

* individual kata (heian shodan and nidan)

* individual kumite (one step sparring – jodan and chudan – both left and right sides)


Orange, Green and Purple Belts

* Individual kata will have elimination (flag system) rounds requiring the performance of heian shodan, nidan and sandan. The finals (individual) can include the performance of heian one through five, tekki shodan or bassai dai.

* Individual kumite will require the contestants to perform basic one step sparring (jodan, chudan and mae-geri – left side forward and right side forward). The finals will require that semi free sparring be performed.


Brown Belts

* individual kata and kumite – the usual rules


Black Belts

* black belts – individual kata and kumite – dojo team kata – dojo team kumite – the usual rules


Please consider these changes and prepare yourselves accordingly. We look forward to seeing you all at both the provincials and nationals.


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