Stances: Fudo Dachi

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Fudo Dachi (or rooted stance) is one of the more advanced stances a student will learn in Shotokan. It is first encountered in black belt katas such as Chinte, and is the characteristic stance of the kata Sochin. Practicing in this strong stance is great for developing strength in the legs.



The stance is similar to kiba dachi, learned early in the student’s journey, but the dynamics are fundamentally different:

  • The stance is long like front stance, but wide like side stance
  • Brace the knees outwards, turning the front foot slightly inwards
  • Distribute the weight 50-50 on both legs, leaving the stance wide enough to rotate your hips square (facing the front)



“The idea of this stance is to be so strong that you could stand in fudo dachi in the midst of a hurricane, holding a broad piece of wood over your head!”


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