Translation: ?  (‘Temple Sound’ or  ‘Mercy’)

# Moves: 47

Belt Level:   


Jion is the first kata a student normally encounters from the “Temple Katas“, teaching a student how to deal with rotational movements, and directional shifts. It is also a great Kata for more powerful students. The essence of the Kata is to meet the opposition straight on and honestly, with no hidden or secret movements. Jion has a grandeur to it that should show through with all the movements, bringing out a powerful spirit.

This dynamic kata is a favourite choice for tournaments and team competition. It is also used for black belt testing because of its nature and the fact that a student must have good Kihon to make the Kata run smoothly and with power.

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Some of the Key Moves

  • Kiba dachi (horse stance)
  • Zenkutsu dachi (front stance)
  • Yumi-tsuki (bow punch)
  • Manji uke (upper and lower block)
  • Teisho (palm heel)
  • Zenwan-uchi-otoshi (falling forearm strike)
  • Fumikomi (stomping step)


Additional Info

Jion is one of Shotokan’s Sentei kata and is comprised mostly of pieces from Heian and Tekki kata, showing some of the basic movements that Shotokan has to offer.  If a student has poor basics, the kata will not flow, and the performance of Jion will be weak. Therefore, it is an excellent kata to judge a karate-ka’s technique as a whole.


3 thoughts on “Jion

  1. i find jion bassai dai kanku and sochin to be some of my most favorites of all…not to mention tekki shodan….also thursday thr 9 of feb was such an amazing session …..i was brought to the very brink of exhaustion with the intensity of training………most greatfull sensei…..js

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