From Sensei – Part III


Respect is a word that is very closely associated with etiquette. A display of true etiquette will have similar morals towards someone or something you value and respect. Karate begins and ends with courtesy and respect. Respect is a word you will hear again and again throughout martial arts and its importance cannot be overemphasized. It plays a key role in martial arts it would be useless to train without it. 

Respect the dojo, respect the knowledge taught to you and most of all respect each other. When studying martial arts a student must always remember that they are receiving a gift of knowledge, passed down time and time before them and should be acknowledged with utmost importance. If a student has a problem following basic etiquette, simple courtesy or respect they should go elsewhere as they have no future within the martial art. In the dojo respect must be earned and not demanded. Everyone wants to receive respect, the fastest route to receiving it is to give respect with conviction.


What does “OSU” mean in karate?

As far as usage goes, I hear it more in the greeting form, like “hello.”

We also acknowledge with “Osu” meaning close to “I follow.” It is also used to show respect to Sensei as you bow and enter the dojo. We sometimes use “Hai” (Yes Sensei) or just “Yes Sensei!”

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