November Sensei Yaguchi Seminars

It’s that time of year! Edmonton ISKF once again has the privilege of training and grading with Yaguchi-Sensei.

Come out on November 25 at the Solicitor General College.  All karate-ka of all levels should take advantage of the wisdom and spirit Yutaka Yaguchi. A 9th degree black belt, he is our closest link to Master Funakoshi himself, having trained under Master Funakoshi. We are part of a legacy that many dojos do not have. Train hard, listen well, get an autograph on your belt. Check our Events page for info about times and payment.

Grading forms are being handed out this week. If you are ready, (you’ve attended class often, trained hard and showed good spirit in the dojo) Sensei Carter or a senior Sempai will hand you a form. DO NOT ASK FOR ONE! Those of you who have forms, please sign (or have your parents sign) and return them to Sensei Carter BEFORE grading day. Pleas see our Grading page to find your kyu rank, and your next belt colour.

All students are expected to be at the seminar, whether you are grading or not. This is too precious an opportunity to miss!


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