Purple to Brown Belt Test

The purple to brown belt test is another major test, marking the progression from an intermediate to advanced student. How’s your kiba-dachi? Are you stepping properly? Where is your hikite (pull-back) hand on your techniques? Believe it or not, these small points will make a difference in the examiner’s eyes.  Demonstrate good form, and execute techniques with speed and power (like you’re an advanced student!)

First is Kihon


Age uke, Gyaku-tsuki

Soto uke zenkutsu-dachi, Empi uchi kiba-dachi – step forward outside block in front stance, then shift into horse stance, elbow strike. The elbow strike comes from underneath the opposite hand.

Shuto uke kokutsu-dachi, Nukite zenkutsu-dachi – stepping back knife hand block in back stance, then shift into front stance, spear hand strike. Make sure your front stance is wide enough.

Maegeri-ren geri (double front snap kick) – chudan, jodan.

Mawashi geri-ren geri (round house kick) – chudan, jodan.  Use your hips to help transition between kicks. Remember to pull your kicks back.

Yokogeri keage

Yokogeri kekomi

Next is Kata – Tekki Shodan

Last is Ippon Kumite


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