1st to 2nd Purple Belt Test

Your second intermediate grading –  you’re getting used to gradings now. Now, start thinking about good technique as well as speed and power.

As usual, the examiner will call your name, and tell you where to line up


First is Kihon

Oi-tsuki:Sanbon-tsuki – This is your first combo. Stepping punch, but 3 punches in total. The punches must have RHYTHM. The first punch is jodan, and the other two are chudan. Kiai on the 3rd punch of the third set.

Age uke, Gyaku-tsuki – stepping back

Soto uke zenkutsu-dachi, empi uchi kiba-dachi – step forward outside block in front stance, then shift into horse stance, elbow strike. The elbow strike comes from underneath the opposite hand.

Shuto uke kokutsu-dachi, nukite zenkutsu-dachi – stepping back knife hand block in back stance, then shift into front stance, spear hand strike. Make sure your front stance is wide enough.

Maegeri-ren geri (double front snap kick) – chudan, jodan. 

Mawashi geri (round house kick)

Yokogeri keage

Yokogeri kekomi


Next is Kata – Heian Godan


Last is Ippon Kumite



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