2012 ISKF Master Camp


Master Camp 2012 was again a resounding success this year with a large group of members from across Canada in attendance. Karateka from Nova Scotia, Quebec, Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia all had the opportunity to train with some of the world’s greatest Shotokan masters during the week long camp in Green Lane Pennsylvania.

The goodwill tournament held on the last day of camp saw an impressive turnout of competitors from many countries, Canada included. In the brown belt division Julie Loney from Cold Lake, Alberta placed first in women’s brown belt kumite. In the individual women’s black belt kata division Shannon Doane from Nova Scotia placed second after a tiebreaker round for first place, and Crystal Schatz placed third after a tiebreaker for third place. Women’s black belt kumite saw Crystal place first and Alicia Ingrilli from Manitoba tied for third. In the team divisions a Canadian women’s team placed first in both team kata and kumite and a second team made up of international members including Canada, US and Brazil took third place in team kata. Well done to women of Canada for competing with distinction and congratulations to all Canadians for taking part and representing Canada with excellence.

Read more at http://www.iskfcanada.ca/news.html



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