Green to Purple Belt Test

This first intermediate grading simply builds on the requirements for the green belt. Show confidence in the drills and move smoothly through your techniques.

As usual, the examiner will call your name, and tell you where to line up

First is kihon

Oi-tsuki:Sanbon-tsuki This is your first combo. Stepping punch, but 3 punches in total. The punches must have RHYTHM. The first punch is jodan, and the other two are chudan. Kiai on the 3rdpunch of the third set.

Age uke, Gyaku-tsuki – stepping back

Soto uke, Gyaku-tsuki

Shuto uke kokutsu-dachi – stepping back.

NOTE: though not required, be prepared in case the examiner asks you to add nukite (spear hand strike in front stance)

Maegeri-ren geri (double front snap kick) – kick chudan with your back leg first, then step forward and kick jodan with the other leg. Remember to keep level!

Mawashi geri (round house kick) – hit with the ball of the foot, turning the back foot on the floor to reach.

Yokogeri keage

Yokogeri kekomi

Next is KataHeian Yondan

Last is Ippon Kumite


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