2012 ISKF Provincials

Piper in Jiyu-Ippon Kumite

Boys Kumite semi-finals: Hector and Colin

Quinn and Gabriel in Ippon-Kumite

Sophanny in  Jiyu-Ippon Kumite

Mackenzie and Alexandra doing Jiyu-Ippon Kumite

Jim free-sparring in the semi finals

David performing Unsu

Joseph performing Nijushiho

David sparring in the semi finals


10 thoughts on “2012 ISKF Provincials

  1. I feel so privileged, that I could see both Joseph and David compete in tournament. Phenomenal black belts. But i agree-even the white belt divisions were epic. Dennis, Quinn: HIGH FIVE!!!

  2. i believe a highlite was missed in this arena.and it was this ole dog again faught for gold in the brn belt division…..but lost this time………lmao..many times

  3. when i think back on this great day.i become happier again as i felt our dojo became as a closer family.and this is good..we sweat together and grow, and train as a unit.wow is there anything better??????…..i think not…..love my sensei

    • OUTSTANDING WORK BY ALL Edmontoniskf Dojo Karateka at last weekend at the ISKF Provincials! THE SCREAMS FOR THE WHITE BELTS WILL RING FOREVER!

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