Last week in the dojo . . .


6 thoughts on “Last week in the dojo . . .

  1. Hahah, Thursday night’s class, with V-sits:
    ” . . .kyu, ju! Follow me! Ichi, ni san . . . Follow me! Ichi, ni. . .” Did we actually almost hit 100? I couldn’t feel anything after 30

  2. moving in a strait line when supposed to, knife blocking at the right angle, moving the right foot all help line up kata. off directions and agnles look bad in exams and teams

  3. The embusen also provides the alignment for this kata. Since you’re moving up and down the kata line, all the techniques can be measured against this line. The attack is made down the kata line and then tori turns and throws. If everything was done right, if the attack was right down the kata line, tori makes the defensive movement and uke is thrown at some angle or other relative to the line. For each technique there is a prescribed angle and position for where uke should land. If uke lands in the wrong place, we know that something’s wrong; either the attack or the defense, or both. But we also can look at where uke lands and determine what went wrong. We can actually diagnose from the landing position who went wrong and in what way. In this way, by including that diagnostic component in the kata, it makes it a complete means for preserving the art. We know how uke has to land and we know what went wrong if he didn’t land where he was supposed to. We’re able to correct the technique until uke and tori each do their parts correctly. Then we know that we’ve preserved the kata in just the way it was intended. If you ignore this diagnostic component, then you’re just throwing, in Nage no Kata, 15 throws. But you’re not doing kata. If you want to do the kata, you have to have this evolution of the attack through uke and tori, and you also have to have the diagnostic and the correction so the form is preserved. Without that it’s not kata.

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  4. Last week, someone brought up the issue of your ‘Embusen’ or the exact line of movement in a kata. We don’t talk about that much . . .

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