Sensei’s Annual Award

At the end of each year, the dojo nominates a student for Sensei’s Annual Award of Distinction.

The recipient is someone who has, in the past year, embodied what we all strive for at Edmonton ISKF, and demonstrates the principles of the Dojo Kun:

Seek Perfection of Character – trying to improve who they are, showing empathy and compassion for their fellow students

Be Faithful – showing commitment to the Dojo and their training

Endeavor – showing growth in spirit, karate skills and school

Respect Others – demonstrate humility and respect at all times for Sensei, other karateka and the Dojo

Refrain from Violent Behaviour – remains calm under pressure, not showing anger or irritation in training or in difficult situations


All students can nominate someone (not themselves) that they feel is deserving of this award.

Please see Sensei between Nov 30 and Dec 7 to get a nomination form, and return it to him by Saturday Dec 10. State who your name, who you are nominating and write a small paragraph why.

The award will be given at the Christmas Party.


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