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  1. We recently moved to Edmonton a few weeks ago. We would like to register for the Saturday’s classes starting in Sept 2016. Can someone please email us on how we should go about to register?
    Thank you

  2. Congratulations to all the ISKF National competitors. Our dojo and all the athletes did amazing. The medals are a result of all the hard work you have all put in and as well to the rest of the dojo that helped prepare everyone.

    Lastly we could not have the success of it was not for the guidance and support of our Sensei! Ouss!

    Medal count:

    4 Gold
    8 Silver
    5 Bronze

  3. I m from Windsor , On .Looking the karate turnerment .If your Dojo have turnerment coming up please let me know. Thanks,

  4. im trying to reg my son but there is no email or phone number. could someone get back and let me know how to reg ?? thanks

    • just wondering who is doing the additions..mexico is august 14 not….what gives here??,,,,no raisin pie for you…

  5. Hello All,
    My name is Ruy Romano and I am moving to Edmonton in January 2014.
    I am a member of Vernon Shotokan in BC and have just achieved my brown belt.
    I’d be honoured to join your dojo to train.

  6. it is 1 am now in the Philippines and am awake thinking of yaguchi and my fellow dojo mates sleeping and training for the grading session for the 24..i send my spirit for those who feel in need for strength… as I train here I see the spirit around me in other fashions..they r strong and dedicated to the only thing they have and lucky enough to have this. .funny how the mind wonders off to the things it likes best at any hour of the day or night. oss!! to those who deserve the test….be strong edmt iskf….oss!!

  7. WOW.
    Another great event run by Cheri and Pat from Red Deer.
    The level of karate was outstanding.

    The Edmonton ISKF Group did great and I’m so proud of you all!
    Thank you everyone for making the trip!


    • It is due to the level of care and passion our Sensei demonstrates to us as his students and that translates into our passion as well.

  8. I must say that this years iskf camp was just a great training experience…the sensei’s who trained us and showed the many ways in which to execute the techniques was just amazing..from bunkai applications with two and three people…to just the 5,6,7 technique drills….there is a point when you have sweated and trained with the same people for days that the respect degree changes for each person,as you witness the difference who trains hard and puts forth effort and who is merely there to show up for all to see…..who goes the distance and further when the body is exhausted and tired who gives up ,and who endures….all these things make us stronger….OSS!!! to a great training camp

  9. I am just so excited to challenge my body and mind to the rigours of seminar training….although my body will have something to say …before and surely after ….of which my mind will thank oftenly enough in the final hours…of recouperation…….and the memories of solid courageous effects..of mind and body….wow I think the photos will be great………….Oss!! see all there

  10. the nationals over another year..and in the seniors men was a line up to never be duplicated..the matches were fierce and brutal….the old guys came out swinging….many warnings and interjections……then when the smoke cleared there were promises of next year and invites for drinks to commemorate a good fight……over all the tournament a huge success …Calgary hosts next year, and there is a challenge to be up to par,,,there were many competitors from across Canada to be in Halifax……..alberta is up to the challenge…OSS!!!

  11. this is not my quote.but fits…….it is a difficult thing to truly know ones own limits and weak points…..the unexpecting understanding of technique…………oss!!

  12. todays training session I believe should be the prelude to the actual grading.saying that those who are slated for grading should be put through this,,,what we went through today,to see if actually ready for the true grading….this to me is where you will find the true rocks strong enough to build the foundation of solidarity..i for one am truly happy to have been privileged to train like we did today… walls fell before me through exhaustion..only to be made stronger …..forever gratefull to you my sensei and friend………many thanks.oss!!!

    • i agree.and i saw some karateka put a bit more to the mat…which shows to all who saw….no doubt ,we are here to stay and bring honor to sensei carter iskf and shotokan ….oss

  13. confucius born 551 bc says there are three ways we may learn wisdom;;;;;;;by reflection’which is noblest’ by imitation,which is easyest……by experience, which is bitterest………how do you wish to learn wisdom……..

    • as i found this treasure piece in the philippines one trip there has stuck good in my concious mind,, and in reflextion i have learned wisdom in all three ways…when recalled and they all have a certain time line of whence they did occur way cool i believe… i say live well and learn well…osu!!!

  14. i wish to say that this class on sunday at the collage was such the class.what i have wanted for so very long………hard pounding on the heavy bag……..a very inspiring session to say the least ….i also wonder why students who r spose to be resting between exersices should be off kicking the bag off of poor bob…hahha i know im breathing…but then not a youth any more..damm!….very good class today…….thank you sensei..oss

    • brother ur class on saturday was a challenge for my thighs and quads screem at me to give them peace…….i tell them to hurry up and heal so i can pound them once more..hahaha……happy to see u havent gotten soft in training..oss

  15. as this year comes to a close…..i attempt to honor my friend and brother and sensei with my bronze medal from the world shoto cup , i dedicate it to the faith and belief he has in everyone of his students as without his time in the dojo and endless attempts to assist anyone who asks ,,there would be no champions of any kind in his dojo…and we know that there are some great champions now…and many more waiting for their chance to show their courage…the mark this dojo leaves upon all who enter the doors to train….do come away with a smile as i’ve seen it…and with this i say…..i’m here as long as my body holds out and i will train my guts out….oss!!

  16. this world cup has been very challenging i know even for the calgary team..the auzzies and philipinas have such a firey fight they did knock out some of our best..i felt everyone who is competing has given their all..this is the stage for the world to see who has faught to be here…..i feel totally privilaged to be here with these great people of karate…even the old dogs here all have a spirit to be proud to be around…we did witness some sore losers anfd such…and always will see this mix..makes all others stronger for their efforts……i applaude them……….oss

    • All of our karatekas came home from the Leduc KAA tournament medal winners thanks to a great sensei in a great dojo!

    • todays training was with takahashi from tokyo…he knocked the hell out of every karateka who trained today..2 hours og deadly humidity and closequarter training….damn it felt painfull and thrilling all at once…so i know i will walk difficulty tomorrow….just to do it all over again……cebu is beautifull guys..and okinawa…totally magnificent……….oss

    • Congratulations to you my Friend for all your wonderful work!
      Congratulations for 8 wonderful years for the Dojo!
      Thank you to everyone!

  17. well as most know i taught saturdays class………..i was surprised at the turn out…….and perhaps they were just as surprised that i was teaching….nonetheless there was a great turnout and we had in my opinion a good session…………….some of the kids had to do pushups…..and we know who they are…..second class there were 5 of us and we had a open class of kata…tekki sandan, jion and sochin were the katas…all piched from their choice………i thank all who attended and welcome any comments of my class. i also thank my friend and sensei who gave me the awsome responsibility of taking over when he cannot……thank you……it was my pleasure sensei….i do hope those who attended enjoyed thew class as well….

    • No way!! I wish I had been there. It’s always a treat to train with different flavours. And of course, I am biased towards kata . . . I’m sure it was a great day

    • My Good Friend,
      I’m so proud of you and now you know how wonderful it is to teach KARATE and that you can!

      After 30 years of doing KARATE you have a ton to offer!
      “Some Warriors look fierce, but are mild. Some seem timid, but are vicious. Look beyond appearances; position yourself for the advantage. – Deng Ming-Dao

      To the little Warrior that went to Calgary great job and you made the dojo proud.”True strength is the flower of Wisdom, but its seed is action.”

      The Pain will go away but the friendships last forever!


      • i appreciate the confidence you have in me…we all need to step up to the plate now and then and show what we can do..may haps in the dojo training or in competition…even in every day living matters not..just do it……oss

    • with the training days becomming shorter..and tournament time becomming nearer….i try to reflect with intent on the focus of enlightenment….of what is taught and what is retained into the human core..what we as a karateka and where we think us to be with training..insights of our training and where we wish it to take us on the path of enlightenment….our lifes experiences is the road to our matter where they lay..our transportations to these destinations is the lifes highways the universe has let us ride upon for journeys end….which will begin another…… thought of the world cup..just gives me another glass to begin to fill..with lifes adventures……………..oss

  18. thursday class was feel the pain the next day and day after is just a reminder that there is more to gain by training your hardest….no matter how old or young…..what you want from karate begins in the dojo and not tomorrow..this is the first day for the rest of your life…..challenge yourself every day..and show your courage in the dojo by setting example to all. it is my greatest privilege to train with a friend with this kind of knowledge who wants to share it ….i for one am willing to go the distance and get all i can…….osu

    • todays class was once again so very inspiring to me ..which left me feeling and wanting my cup to be fuller…but wait..too much at once and it overflows and you don’t get to drink up its contents as it has spilled over..fill the cup little bit at a time therefor enjoying the sweet taste of fullfilment.savoring in the refreshing feeling of quenchment..i look at my training in this way….and my sensie has a way of knowing just how much to pour into the cup to keep me comming back for a refill……..i am forever greatfull of his experience that he shares with me and all students….he is my shepherd that guides me and keeps me within the right path……………oss

    • i love the feeling of friendly combationship…..a good rough housing always gets the spirit moving if the person has the spirit…………..not all do..but seeking the spirit and feeling the power brought on by the spirit are some very good and different feelings…of becomes the ” knowing” if imay whereas you become the warrior………or at least ano0ther step to bushido……..”.this is somethinng that should be well understood”….Miyamoto Musashi…..1462..who argues with him and lives ??

    • reading my comment some time later reminds me that with me i take these tools with me in everyother aspect of my life..sometimes we need to resharpen the tool for smoothe cutting edge..being the reminder of the very excample we want to leave imprinted upon a sign… the one ….show by excample of a warrior heart every allways….oss

  19. Dear Sensei Sean,
    After five years of being away from Edmonton, we are so happy to say that we are coming back ‘home’ again. It would be only our pleasure to see (and work) with you again! Please communicate with either one of us again so that we can arrange a convenient time to meet with you…..sincerest wishes, A & A

    • Thank you once again to everyone who attended todays training and Grading with Sensei Jones. Outstanding Job!

  20. Update from the USA Junior Olympics and USA Open in Las Vegas
    The competition is tough but going well! With more than 40 countries and 2000 athletes, the learning experience is immeasurable. Some early results: Mackenzie Carter won gold in kumite and bronze in kata in the Jr. Olympics. Celine Martin won bronze in kumite and bronze in kata, again in the Jr. Olympics. As of this moment, all three girls have lost their kata competitions in the USA Open but all did very well. Tomorrow (Sunday), all three will be in their kumite competitions!

    • Further news from the US Opens in Las Vegas! With a confirmed 3000 participants, Piper Carter was the “comeback kid” winning Bronze in Kumite. Ceine Martin had a tough division and represented Canada with a winning spirit! Mackenzie Carter fought her way to Silver in kumite! All 3 girls represented our little dojo with very big hearts! We are all so proud of your individual achievements! Champions are made in practice!

  21. Participated in the dojo’s first Women’s Day training session today and it was great! Who knew hairspray and hammer punches could be so handy?

    Sean (Sensei to most, I guess…) opened up the dojo to girls and women of all ages who wanted to learn some great tips for self defense, whether you are taking karate or not. Although I am not one of his karate students, I walked away from today’s lesson feeling a little less like a sheep and with some useful tools to protect me and my family if need be.

    A great idea and I hope you continue to offer this type of training in the future. My only wish is that one day, you rent a full sumo suit so that we can really haul off and learn what it would feel like to use all of the skills you showed us!

    Thanks, Sean!

  22. thursday the 23 was a great training session……i got to spar with little people….and found out truely their spirit in the kumite field….as i was spoken to.”we have some tough chicks in this dojo” there is no doubt……

  23. Tonight was the night in the DOJO! One full line and three more students over the half-way point! The little Dojo is now full of spirit! That was once again proven this past weekend at the Karate Alberta Event in Calgary by everyone that attended!

    Please remember to have a dream, because you can make it happen!

    You Can Be Whatever
    You Want To Be!
    There is inside you
    all of the potential
    to be whatever you want to be,
    all of the energy
    to do whatever you want to do.
    Imagine yourself as you would like to be,
    doing what you want to do,
    and each day, take one step
    towards your dream.
    And though at times it may seem too
    difficult to continue,
    hold on to your dream.
    One morning you will awake to find
    that you are the person you dreamed of,
    doing what you wanted to do,
    simply because you had the courage
    to believe in your potential
    and to hold on to your dream.
    ~ Donna Levine ~

    • WOW! And would you believe that I counted just under 60 students again on Wednesday night. A lot of people love your dojo Sensei – A thousand thanks for doing what you do! =]

  24. The title of this kata ‘Chinte’ is taken from the Chinese characters which mean ‘Strange hands’,despite an unsuccessful attempt to rename it ‘Shoin’ by Master Funakoshi in his attempt to make the art more accessible to the Japanese public. The kata managed to keep its original name.
    It is only natural that a kata with the title ‘Strange hands’ should pay high attention to the hand techniques of karate. So much so that there is only one kick in the entire kata, but with unusual (or strange if you care to make the connection) te-waza such as tate-zuki, naka-daka-ken, age-empi-uchi, teisho and nihon-nukite used throughout. Techniques such as naka-daka-ken are only used in this kata, so deveopement and understanding of these techniques will take place in this kata.

  25. i was going over the leduc alberta karate tourney.and found a lot of the judges are not consistant with their they for one don’t move around with the combatants and see only one side of the ring.not very active and miss a lot of scoring…..i really don’t like their way at all……….but thats just my point of view………….js

  26. Nonviolence means avoiding not only external physical violence but also internal violence of spirit. You not only refuse to shoot a man, but you refuse to hate him.
    Martin Luther King, Jr. 🙂

  27. “The desire to win is born in most of us. The will to win is a matter of training. The manner of winning is a matter of honour.”
    – Margaret Thatcher

  28. appreciate advice by showing what you have learned and practice in kata and kumite…and every day in the more focus and speed with correct stances and basics…..these are the key areas where colored belts may improve all else……be faithfull……….jim stanley

  29. WAAAW I don’t know how to express about my feeling and Karate, I have never seen a coach like Sensei WHY? when Sensei talks about doing the right things. When He gives advice and talks about bullies, respecting parents, about spirit, and more. That is what changed my life style and my prescription toward others. Someone tel me how to appreciate what he has done for all of us.

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